ELISE - III-V Integrated Light Sources

 Permanent Staff


Sophie Bouchoule
+33 (0)1 70 27 06 ..
Abderrahim Ramdane
+33 (0)1 70 27 06 ..
Jean-Louis Oudar (emeritus)
+33 (0)1 70 27 06 73
 .... and also:
Maria Tchernycheva (Nanostructure and flexible LED)
Stéphane Collin (Cathodo-Luminescence and time-resolved CL)


To develop III-V integrated light sources for communications, information technologies, and sensing. Our main goals are to increase the speed and bit-rate, reduce the power consumption, and implement new functionalities. To do so, we explore novel materials and laser geometries, as well as new laser emission regimes, at the heart of various devices such as Quantum Dot-based EELs or VECSELs in the telecom wavelength range, nitride-based micro-emitters and nitride-based laser diodes in the UV /visible range. Targeted devices are high-frequency, high-power, low-intensity-noise laser diodes; frequency combs generators; small-footprint, low-threshold lasers; light sources for fiber-optics instrumentation and sensors.

Main Collaborators:

At C2N:

Alejandro Giacomotti- ToniQ (metamaterials in the visible for fluorescence imaging)
Fabrice Raineri - ToniQ (III-V on Si nanolasers)
Rémy Braive – ToniQ (semiconductor-nitride microwave optomechanical oscillators)
Gilles Patriarche - ELPHYSE (TEM-EDX analysis)
Jean-Christophe Harmand - ELPHYSE (VECSEL epitaxial structures)
Aristide Lemaître - ELPHYSE (QD epitaxial structures)
Anatole Lupu - CRIME (Active Functional devices based on Parity-Time optics)
Guy Aubin – EXPERFO (RF and Optics Experimentations)