Raffaele Colombelli


Directeur de Recherche CNRS

email: raffaele.colombelli@c2n.upsaclay.fr 
Phone: +33 (0)1 70 27 06 29

My background is both academic and industrial. After a PhD in physics at the “Scuola Normale Superiore” of Pisa (1999), I had a 4-year research experience at Bell Laboratories (Lucent Technologies, USA) in Federico Capasso’s team. Since 2004, I have been a researcher (now Research Director) at CNRS, at the Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies in Palaiseau ((Université Paris Saclay, France), My research activities focus on the application of micro/nano-photonics and antenna concepts for the realization of innovative mid-IR/THz optoelectronic devices in semiconductor heterostructures, with interests covering applied topics, as well as fundamental research. Examples of current applied topics are the development of mid-IR/THz lasers, detectors and modulators for applications, and – recently – the development of RF devices for the mid-IR spectral range. In terms of more fundamental research, current interest focuses on new concepts for infrared sources based on the strong coupling regime between light and matter.

I have co-authored more than 140 publications in international refereed scientific journals (Nature, Science, Nature Photonics, Nature Physics, Phys. Rev. Lett., Phys. Rev. X, Appl. Phys. Lett., IEEE Journals…) and I am holder of 6 patents. I have been Coordinator and/or partner of several national (ANR, RTRA, Labex) and international (H2020 FET) research contracts, and PI in EURYI and ERC grants. I am a member of the “Conseil d’Unité” of C2N Laboratory and member of Applied Physics Letters “Editorial Advisory Board”.

Main research activities: Mir-THz devices

Research identifier: Google Scholar, ORCID